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Why I love the Kids Acting Program at Perth Film School by Rocio Campbell

Acting classes at the Perth Film School was an extraordinary experience for my daughter Colette. She started with only a little knowledge on stage acting with past experiences but wanted to improve her skills on screen.  Jumping into acting, initially was just like “playing pretend” with her peers, but gradually my daughter  realized that it was much more important than that; and by that time, her love and passion for Acting had grown.

She always came home happy from class and anxious for the next class. Her enthusiasm for Perth Film School’s Acting Classes even caught on to her younger brother Rhyan (8 y/o) who started acting as well, his confidence at school with his teachers and everyone else increased tremendously because of it.

Nicole is an amazing Director and Teacher who knows how to drive her students to open their souls, to give the best of themselves in a natural way and adapt to their own unique personalities on their scripts. Based on her professionalism, experiences, charisma, patience and friendly ambiance at school, no one could do it better than her.

As a parent I am grateful and satisfied that I enrolled my children in the Perth Film Schools’s Acting classes (After School and Hollywood Package) and will keep encouraging and supporting my children to stay on their training to gain more skills until they are successful in realizing their dreams.

~Rocio Campbell, Perth Film School Parent

Watch both Colette and her brother Rhyan in a TV Commercial they recently appeared in:

Tunnel Vision

tunnel vision. pretty sick of it. pass it on. #fundourfutureau

Posted by Scott Ludlam on Thursday, 23 June 2016