Acting is an amazing art form!

Learning to act is NOT about wanting to be famous, its about developing a life-long passion. It is about learning to create something to move an audience.

Acting is not just about learning scripts. It is about analysing scripts, doing background work, creating the character within yourself and then bringing it all to life.

Perth Film School aims to give you the skills and tools to pursue acting as a career, including the development of your own showreel.





1. All classes are taught by working industry professionals who are passionate about the art form and can share real on-set experiences with students. Check out our teachers’ biographies and IMDB links on this site.

2. Our founder, Nicole Moerland, graduated from the 3 year program at Stella Adler academy of Acting and Theatre in Los Angeles and brings the world leading Stella Adler technique to Perth students.

3. Perth Film School believes that acting should be a joy and we teach classes accordingly. We push our students to their full potential in a fun and supportive environment.

4. We can offer students a range of courses from beginner to advanced and then assist them to pursue career opportunities with showreel development, coaching and audition taping.

5. We are a no-ego film school. If you have always been keen to pursue acting classes but are a bit nervous of taking the leap, our teachers with help you learn the basics at your comfort level and then challenge you as you grow in confidence.

6. We are conveniently located in Perth City at 10-14 Pier Street, Perth – Huzzard Studios.

7. Our classes are affordable, starting at under $585 for a 4-week course.

8. We are focused on helping students reach their potential. Check out our 2015 Perth Film School Student Showreel to see what our students, many of whom had little prior experience, achieved in just a few months of training-








Perth Film School is proud to bring the world renowned ‘Stella Adler Technique’ to Perth Students.

Stella Adler believed that an actor’s talent lies with his/her imagination and visualization. The theatre and film actress turned teacher, trained with Stanislavsky and studied the method, but didn’t believe that an actor needed to relive past experiences to connect with the script.

Her technique style has been studied by many renowned actors including as:

Robert De NiroElaine StritchMartin SheenDiana MuldaurDolores del RioRoy ScheiderVincent D’OnofrioMark RuffaloWarren Beatty , Michael ImperioliSalma HayekSean AstinBarbara StuartJoyce MeadowsStephen Bauer and Benicio del Toro, in addition to Marlon Brando, who served as the New York studio’s Honorary Chairman until his death, and was replaced by another pupil, Warren Beatty.

The acting schools which Adler founded still operate today in New York City  and Los Angeles.



“One of the things about acting is it allows you to live other people’s lives

without having to pay the price.”

Robert De Niro








Due to popular demand from students wanting to learn more about the construction of films, Perth Film School has launched its “Film Making” Course.

PFS finals BTS-48








For ONLY $1,850 students will receive 6 weeks of intensive training by our head film teachers and Hollywood Film Makers.  We have hired Rusty Geller, Simon Akkerman, David Vincent Smith, along with Australian Award winning film makers, Steven Browne, Cody Cameron Brown amongst others. During this time, they will work on real productions and learn the art of film making.

Film Making Level 1 (Week 1 – 4)
Introduction to making movies: Students will learn the different roles of the crew, learn how to set-up and how to select digital motion picture cameras, select lenses, create and compose shots and where sound come in.  The students will learn about pre-production and how to prepare for a film shoot, scripting, casting actors, booking a film crew and how to prepare to shoot.  This part of the program is designed to help with the pre-production side of the film making process.

Film Making Level 2 (Week 5 – 6)
Students will learn to stage scenes for camera: blocking, rehearsing and shooting. They will light scenes both indoors and or outdoors. The class will become a crew, breaking down scenes for camera and shooting practice scenes.  In weeks 5 students will have a film 4 hour shoot day.   In week 6 students will spend 4 hours editing the films, ready for completion.

Work Experience
Students may join in to get to experience working on location with a professional film-crew when we have our weekend showreel film shoots. The work experience will cover all aspects from set-designing, lighting, operating a boom mic, directing, working with actors and film making.  The students may shadow the film crew and help out on the film set.  Please reach out to us after you have completed the program so we can keep you informed about filming days.

Please note: curriculum and projects are subject to change and may  vary depending on location, group students interest.  The sequenced of the course to be decided by the teacher depending on group interest, level and ability. 

    • Film Making – Adults (17+ years)
    • $1,850

    • Apply Now







    We have FUN in this class plus learn about acting! If you child has a passion for drama and the visual arts, this specially designed weekly one-hour class is the perfect choice. Your child will get a taste for acting, learn basic techniques and them apply them on carefully selected and age-appropriate scripts in front of the camera. This course is a great introduction to film acting for your child which will teach new skills and help them grow in confidence.






    Does your child want to have an EXCITING experience this school holidays? If your child loves drama and visual arts, this specially designed course is perfect for them. They will develop the key techniques for acting and apply them in front of the camera. This course is a great introduction to film acting for anyone! Taught by leading professionals in the industry, your child will be given the best knowledge in Hollywood!






    Screen Acting Level 1 (Introduction to screen acting)

    This course will introduce you to screen acting as well as the process of auditioning. It is designed for students who have little or no past exposure to acting. Content includes comedy, drama as well as commercial work.

    The classes are divided into three age groups with relevant scripts and teaching method.

    Screen Acting Level 2 (Screen acting advanced)

    In addition to material covered in Introduction to Screen Acting Level 1, this course covers in the process of script analysis and how to build a character. Students work on both dramatic as well as comedic pieces.  They leave this class with an in-depth knowledge of acting plus a series of personal short clips. Screen Acting Advanced takes discipline and focus but is well worth the effort. Introduction to Screen Acting is a prerequisite for this course if you have no experience.

    Screen Acting Level 3 (Showreel Preparation)

    For students who have successfully completed both Screen Acting Level 1 and 2 and wish to explore acting as a career path, Screen Acting Level 3 is the perfect next step. A four-week course, our teachers help students select appropriate scripts that reflect roles that align with those for which they would most likely be cast for by agents and those which best showcase their unique talent. Students then begin intensive coached rehearsals with scene partners and gain an understanding of on-set experience to prepare them for the shoot.  Perth Film School works hard with students to ensure they are well prepared for their showreel and achieve their best work.


    This 4 week voice over course for beginners will make the foundation of your “voice over tool box” from which you can gain control, self belief and confidence to give voice overs a proper “crack”.

    We’ll look at different types of voice overs currently in the industry and how to achieve them, correct technique and breathing, warm ups, how to interpret scripts and take direction, studio etiquette, microphone technique, loads of fun exercises, and tips on how to get your foot into the Perth industry.


    Myles PollardIn our latest series of Screen Acting Master Classes, another one of Perth’s very own talented Hollywood Screen Actors and Feature Film Producer of the movie Drift (2013), Myles Pollard comes to Perth Film School to share his insider knowledge and experience on the Screen Acting industry.

    This Master Class is an interactive class that aims to give students experience and instruction in a “real” acting process suitable for Film and Television Performance.

    Contact us for the latest dates.


    In our new series of Screen Acting Master Classes, we invite highly experienced working Industry Professionals including Casting Directors and Actors to share their expert advice on Screen Acting and the Industry.

    Next Masterclass:

    • David Newman ¨Hollywood Casting Director¨ – David Newman from McSweeney Newman Casting (Dora & The Lost City of Gold, Love & Monsters on Netflix, The Family Law & Blacklight).

    Recent Guests include:

    • Hollywood Casting Director, Gregory Apps
    • Hollywood Actor and Producer, Mahesh Jadu (The Witcher on Netflix, Marco Polo on Netflix, Pirates of the Caribbean & iFrankenstein)
    • Director of popular Australian TV Series – Neighbors, Scott Major
    • Casting Director, Thea McLeod of McLeod Castings
    • Director and Co-Executive Producer of How to Get Away with Murder, Jet Wilkinson

    Contact us for the latest dates and to register your interest now.


    Mahesh JaduIn our first series of Screen Acting Master Classes, the talented Mahesh Jadu who has just completed shooting on the latest installation of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales, returns to Perth Film School.

    This Master Class is an interactive class suited to individuals with a desire to gain industry knowledge, skills and insight from an experienced Hollywood Actor and who are looking to pursue a career in Screen Acting.

    Contact us for the latest dates.

    Introduction to Film and Special FX Makeup with Nadia Duca

    In this course, students will learn the types of makeup to use, not to use and why? Lighting and how it effects makeup on film. The tools to use for film and special FX makeup and how to touch up.

    Week 1:
    Introduction to film and special FX makeup

    Week 2:
    How to create Grazes and Bruises

    Week 3:
    How to create Cuts/stitches

    Week 4:
    How to create burns (1st – 3rd degree burns)

    Contact us for the latest dates.




    “Your talent is in your choice.”

    Stella Adler




    *Successful Completion of Screen Acting Levels 1, 2 and 3 is required to ensure quality result of which you are proud.*

    Whilst anyone can shoot a show-reel on a handycam, Perth Film School’s approach is to shoot a series of full scenes, using quality in-depth dialogue and characterisation. The end result is that students take away a professional show-reel to present to agents and casting directors.

    From an acting perspective, students will work on their carefully selected scripts during the Screen Advanced Class (Screen acting Level 2). Our teachers will coach students over the four weeks to perfect their craft. Then our students move to rehearsals, on set, to create a professional shot-list prior to the shoot. Then, on the day, our teacher coaches and directs the scenes to ensure best possible result.

    To create a professional end result, quality cinematography is AS important as the quality of our students’ performances. Perth Films School’s cinematography team includes the very talented Ross Metcalf and Perth Film School crew. We use only top quality equipment as would be used on a commercial set including RED cameras (as used by Sir Peter Jackson in “The Hobbit”, quality cinema lenses, sound equipment, lighting and full crew. This give the most professional result possible but also gives our students an insight into behind-the-camera work.

    Following the shoot, Perth Film School then takes the content and spends a few weeks editing to create two final “mini films” which get edited into a show-reel for students to take away.

    This course is not a basic showreel service. It is a highly professional project which is a fantastic investment for our students wanting to pursue a career.

    Check out our last Student Showreel scenes to see the type of professional showreel you can expect:




    Due to popular demand from students who want to start at the beginning and work their way through to a final showreel of their own, Perth Film School has launched its “Hollywood Package”.

    For JUST $2,645 students receive intensive training through all three class levels plus a professional weekend showreel workshop. The end result is two professional ‘mini films’ shoots which combines into a 3-minute show-reel to present to agents and casting directors.

    Screen Acting Level 1 (Introduction to Screen acting) – (4 Weeks)

    Screen Acting Level 2 (Screen acting advanced) – (1 Weekend)

    Screen Acting Level 3 (Showreel Preparation) (1 Weekend)

    Mini Film and Showreel Workshop (Weekend Shoot)

    At JUST $2,645 for 2 months of training with Perth Film School and a professional showreel at the end, “The Hollywood Package” is a fantastic option to fully pursue your screen acting dreams.

    Check out Perth Film School’s Student Showreel to see what you too can achieve in this course:





    If a private class is your preference to learn the basics or you want to take your current skills to the next level, Perth Film School also offers private classes with our teachers. These classes include an understanding of process of script analysis and how to build a character. Students work on both dramatic as well as comedic pieces and can even choose their own scripts. This one-on-one class provides students with a fast-track to their development.



    Just received notice of an audition opportunity and want to give it your best? Perth Film School offers one-on-one audition coaching to help you understand your script and character and to perfect your audition.



    Often casting directors and agents will send you a script and ask you to put an audition on tape and send to them. Perth Film School now offers private audition taping sessions with one of our teachers to help you prepare and submit the perfect audition. Our teachers will help your analyse the script and characters and review draft auditions on tape with you until you put your best audition forward.

    That’s what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules.

    Gerardine Clark

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