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The Decadent and Depraved – The first Western to be filmed in WA.

Catch Perth Film School’s Gust Teacher, Ben Mortley and beloved student, Isabella Jacqueline in The Decadent and Depraved

We’re so proud of you both!

Read what Isabella Jacqueline had to say:

“Thanks for all your training, Nicole!!!! I wouldn’t be in this without it!

See you soon xxxx”

Isabella Jacqueline


In a remote and dark place in the outback of Western Australia, Leon leaves his wife and child in a bid to ensure their safety. He is a wanted man but plans to surrender himself into the hands of Her Majesty’s army to be hanged. Unbeknownst to Leon, shortly after his departure his wife is murdered in cold blood. Moreover, their daughter Lillian is captured by a bunch of evil bounty hunters, led by the cruel and gruesome priest, Maitland.

A tale of cat and mouse begins shortly thereafter as Leon is transported by Police Captain, Jack Dalton, on route to be hanged in the local town. Dalton’s hopes for a trouble-free journey are quickly dashed as he is faced with a series of difficult obstacles – all consequences of transporting such a high value target. Within the ever-changing terrain of Western Australia, the truth about Leon’s crime and his motives for seeking punishment is revealed, leading everyone through a chaotic tumble of revenge and murder.

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