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Selena Gomez didn’t know her height in her first Disney Audition Video – and it was okay

Things happen in auditions. Sometimes your child does not know their height or weight even though you went over that with them in the car. If your child does not know their height, weight or another question they are asked by the casting director it’s okay, but it’s best they respond by saying, “I’m not sure.” or “I don’t know.” Most times if it’s just informational in nature regarding their profile, size and so forth, it will be okay, as the casting director can find out this information directly on their resume or on the original casting submission. Or, they can usually even take a good guess with your child standing in front of them.

Selena Gomez did this in her very 1st Disney audition (You can see her video audition below). They asked her how tall she was and she didn’t know. Did it make her falter? Nope. Did it hurt her at all in the decision the casting directors made? Absolutely not. Did she keep going and make no big deal of it? Yes. Did she freak out? Nope. She did what any professional young actor should do, she just kept going. Who knows if she replayed that one question she did not know, after the audition. Maybe she did wonder if it would hurt her chances. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter. What matters is the truth, and she gave her all in that audition room. Even not knowing that question, she landed the role.

The video is below. This should be a video you watch with your child actor to show them how it’s okay to not know something sometimes, but to keep going and not make a big deal of it. Questions should not slip up your child actor.

On a side-note, this has happened to our child actor and she was prepared on what to do. She was once asked if she is ambiguous. She had no idea what that meant at the time, but she knew to say, “I do not know.” She did really well in that audition. When she came out she mentioned the one thing she did not know and we explained it to her for the next time. There were no regrets and she was okay with the not knowing.