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Perth Film School & TAFTA’s Inspirational Workshop with Hollywood Director, Jet Wilkinson. By Shelley Slaughter

“By definition, the word INSPIRATION means; the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. This sums up in a nutshell, the lasting impression Director, Jet Wilkinson has had on me. Jet does not just talk the talk, but indeed, she exudes it with her entire being.

I entered the weekend workshop with Jet, facilitated by TAFTA and Perth Film School, with an unquenchable desire to learn from her 20 years of knowledge and experience of the television industry, I was not disappointed. As the student, I brought with me, my own passion for film, for acting, to learn. The passion I feel for the craft is by passion’s definition: a strong and barely controllable emotion. What Jet provided me with was indeed , ‘pardon the pun’ , DIRECTION for me to be able to channel that passion.

I have come away from this time with Jet, with a cemented belief that anything is indeed possible. I also know the sobering fact that to do so does require choices and decisions to be made that involve some sacrifice. Jet displayed what it means to not just ‘do’, but to ‘live’ an exceptional life of dedication, commitment, drive and love, for what you can do creatively.

One key point that resonated deeply within me personally, is the shared desire that Jet has, to the importance of portraying ‘strong’ women on screen. The drive to shine light on female characters that are not victimized by themselves, those around them, or society.

I am myself, 41 years of age and have lived many differing angles of a woman’s personal and professional traumas and triumphs. Through my meeting and influence from Jet, I am inspired to commit myself to becoming the caliber of actress, deserving of working under the direction of Jet Wilkinson, and strong influential directors like her, with powerful stories to tell.

I come away from this workshop feeling dedicated and passionate about wanting to work with passionate directors to co-create unforgettable performances. I strive to honor the vision of the director, I wish to bring to life for them, and with them, the characters they envision. I hold the dream inside of me now, to one day work with Jet Wilkinson, to continue to bring her vision of strong women with stories to tell, to the screen.

Jet said her own dream is to one day direct an episode of Game of Thrones…so, I put that challenge out to the universe, that one of my dreams is to one day portray a strong and defiant role, under her direction. ‘Anything is possible, if at first a dream’. Jet is a leader in her field. In a male dominated world of being a director, she smashed all boundaries out of the park, with her dedication, purpose and drive. Her energy is powerful. I am inspired. I admire her and aspire to carry her leading example of what is possible, with me always.

This course has been a life-changer for me. I am inspired and have gained invaluable direction from my time with Jet Wilkinson, thank you TAFTA and Nicole Moerland at Perth Film School, for this opportunity”.

~Shelley Slaughter