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Perth Film School gave me the opportunity to show my real abilities as an actor

I had been in the acting thing for a while, with minimal progress (but making some), like a nut job. Either way, I was loosing interest in the whole acting thing several months back, arguably nothing good or fleshed out to show. And I got sick of people nagging me to do more theater and Broadway (personally I hate it), all that ”ARTSY FARTSY STUFF”….

Here in Perth Film School, I finally got the opportunity to show my real abilities as an actor, working on the Showreel. No character acting junk, or toilet humor, no theater style stuff……. Finally good to show some serious acting, about damn time….

Considering I had already used hundreds of dollars on acting lessons prior to doing the Hollywood Package at Perth Film School, I’d hate to see it go to waste.

Then I recently got a compliment from someone, ”I REMINDED THEM OR MADE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY WERE WATCHING DENNIS HOPPER”, best compliment I ever got as an actor by far and a few other things. Its an indication that I am on track acting wise.

Kudos” to Perth Film School for helping me out on this, you saved me from throwing my career into the garbage.

~Sean Schliwa