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Perth Film School, a place where it is safe and ok to share that dream. By Shelley Slaughter

“In life, we often find the saying to be true, that ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’…I personally have discovered this to be true.

I have always known that I wanted to act, I have indeed participated in various forms of the performing arts on and off since I was 7 years of age, I am now 41 years old and have finally taken a leap of faith into the world of film!

Thank you to Nicole Moerland at Perth Film School, for your vision and dream, to create such a place here in Perth, where those, who share dreams such as my own, can come study and learn, in an environment where it is safe and ok to share that dream.

In walking through the doors here, at Perth Film School, I have found friendship and encouragement. I have been guided to link up the dots in my creative life. Personally, during the process, I have learned, that for me, acting is far more than meets the eye, for me, it is spiritual, it is my light, my love, my oxygen.

For me, engaging with other actors, being in the moment with them and intimately engaging with my own character, fulfills me. Off the page, between the lines, in the script, within the exchange and sharing of energy between myself and other actors, I feel more alive and more ‘at home’ than I do in our so-called ‘real’ world!

Acting for me, is being at one with my own soul. I have found new doors now opening for me through this experience and I endeavour to continue to learn, to always be open for learning more and to stay true to my heart and follow it, wherever this path may lead me. I am excited as I move forward, taking what I have learned here at Perth Film School with me.

A world with a story, one that I can participate in creating, is my light and my love. As actors, and as creators of characters and their stories, I believe it is what we feel in our hearts and that light from within our souls, that we are able to bring to film, that we are able to create a connection within the hearts of an audience…now, that is a dream worth pursuing!”

~Shelley Slaughter