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Innovative screen acting courses!

Have you been looking for screen acting courses that could suit you? Or have you been interested in experiencing something new, expressing yourself in new ways, and coming out of your comfort zone?

Whether it’s one or the other, I can guarantee our screen acting course will be perfect for you.

One of our most recent students has just left us some wonderful and heartwarming feedback on the ‘Introduction to screen acting’ course he took part in! We absolutely love hearing back from all our students and seeing how happy and satisfied they are with our classes.

Luke, our student, left this wonderful email after taking part in our classes:

He also kindly left us a review on google:


We are very glad to see Luke so happy with our courses and hope all our students feel the same and are just as enthusiastic.


If you are also Interested in taking part in our acting courses, don’t hold back! No matter what skill level or age group you are in, you are most very welcome to join!


Our ‘Introduction to screen acting’ course, which Luke took part in, run every single month on Thursdays from 6 – 8 for 4 weeks.

Once having completed that you can continue on to complete the level 2 & 3 courses that we also offer!

The fun and learning never ends!

Make sure to check out our website so you can sign up and contact us 🙂