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How my Perth Film School Showreel landed me a spot in one of Perth’s most notable agencies by Ewa Bartecki

Working with Nicole Moerland and the team at Perth Film School was an awesome opportunity. The Hollywood Package really dove deep into all aspects of acting. We were taught and directed by industry professionals and at the end of the 12-week course we finished with an actor’s most important tool…. A showreel!!!

It was this show reel, shot by the talented film crew at Perth Film School, which landed me a spot on the books of one of Perth’s most notable agency’s Now Actors. Within 2 days of being signed I was out to my first casting for a national TVC.

When I signed up for the Hollywood Package at Perth Film School I was hoping it would take my acting career up to the next level, up to the next level was being conservative, it made me a partaker in this very tough industry.

Thank you, to the whole team at Perth Film School….

Ewa Bartecki

Proud member of Perth Film School from 2015

Watch her showreel here: