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How acting classes can help your child overcome shyness

Acting classes have helped many shy children break out of introversion, have fun interacting with others and enjoy being part of a group. Your child may or may not grow up to be an academy award winner, but he or she will still learn new skills that can help to overcome shyness and be more confident in any area of daily life.

Build Self-Confidence

Acting involves public speaking. Making a presentation in public is a frightening prospect for most Americans, but it’s a fear that every successful actor must overcome. Participating in an acting class helps shy kids learn to speak to an audience within the safety of a closed group. As shy kids become more comfortable with self-expression, they develop self-esteem and gain self-confidence.

Develop Social Skills

Studies have found that shy children perform well in structured social environments where they have a clear cut task or a job to do. Having a specific role to play reduces the pressure and anxiety that shy kids feel in unstructured social situations where interactions depend largely on social skills. In an acting class, everyone has a job to do, and every job is equally valued.

Make New Friends

Acting workshops are designed to encourage socialization and interaction. This is helpful for shy kids because they don’t normally seek out interactions on their own. In an acting class, social interactions are a vital part of the learning process. Teachers create games and interactive exercises specially designed to foster interaction, establish camaraderie and encourage everyone in the class to work together.

Learn New Behaviors In A Safe And Supportive Setting

As shy kids learn to interact with others in a nurturing environment, they become more willing to venture out of their comfort zones and try out new behaviors. When children feel safe, they can begin to express themselves without a fear of being criticized or ridiculed. In most children’s acting classes, creativity, being “different” and expressing individuality are all highly valued.

Participate In Fun Activities

Acting classes are all about trying on new roles and identities. Creating stories and acting them out takes shy kids out of their shells and encourages them to imagine what it’s like to be someone else. As children become more comfortable participating in a group and playing roles, they usually discover that it’s more rewarding to interact with others and have fun than it is to be shy.

Be Part of A Group

Drama classes encourage kids to be part of a group. Shy children can find comfort in feeling connected to others without having to be the center of attention. There is no pressure to step into the spotlight, and kids are encouraged to move forward at a pace that’s comfortable for them.