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Entering and Exiting the Audition Room – for parents of Child Actors

Parents of child actors, watch the below Entering and Exiting the Audition Room video several times first. Then have your child practice coming in and out of a room at your home. They should also be practicing this at their acting academy or school that they attend.

The first moments and last moments are the most important impressions your child actor will make on the casting director and others in the room. So, make sure they get this down. This is what is most memorable in the minds of those considering your child for a callback.

-Your child actor should not walk in too slow. Have them walk in a bit brisker pace.

-They should be relaxed confident when walking in. That shows in their face and body language.

-Shoulders should be normal, they should be standing up tall, and not hunched over.

-Their eyes should be on the casting director from the moment they walk into the room and they should find their mark on the floor to stand out. If there is not a mark on the floor, they should stand a few feet in front of the casting director’s table.

-For most auditions, they should be happy, smiling and always relaxed.

-They should smile and say hello or good morning or good afternoon, some type of greeting. However, be careful not to tell them anything else to say, as anything else may come off as very fake, brown-nosing or overly-pushy.

-They should also say thank you, have a good day or thanks for your time on the way out. However, again, they should not make any other kind of small talk on the way out, unless the casting director speaks to them first.