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An inspiring piece by Perth Film School alumni Jack McAullay on his journey as an Actor

I used to catch a flight once a week for work, that was so depressing to me I was drinking my life away in an attempt to fool myself into thinking I was happy and having a good time.

It’s been a year since I was last on a plane, returning from Texas where Jared Leto changed my life with his words to me. Immediately upon landing from that flight I quit my FIFO job. I had to start moving in the direction of my dreams. I had to stop kidding myself. I decided on a plan.
And what a year it has been since I put that plan into fruition. I’ve learnt from amazing, inspiring actors. I’ve met some other actors, great people whom I now count as some of my best friends.

This week I catch my first flight since that Texas return, and I board it as an agency represented actor flying to Melbourne for an audition in a feature film, and to take my place alongside a select group of actors to train with a Hollywood acting school.

I hear about people talking behind my back now these days, saying I’m kidding myself now more than ever, that I’m dreaming, and other things people only ever say behind someone’s back. And they may be right. But I’d rather work hard, and gamble my life on my dreams, and do things that inspire others, than live a lie that I believe.

By Jack McAullay.