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Acting class was a babysitter for Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis started acting because her family couldn’t afford a babysitter.

The Ukranian-born actress moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was seven years old and enrolled in a drama class as a way to meet other children.

She said: “My English was a little janky. I didn’t have very many friends. And there was this place advertised on the radio as a place for kids to meet other kids – an acting class. My parents couldn’t afford a babysitter. They said, ‘Great, that takes up our Saturday.’ ”

When Kunis was nine, she took acting classes at Beverly Hills Studios. She met Susan Curtis, her first manager there. Mila Kunis began her career appearing in numerous print ads, catalogues and television commercials. Her first TV role was as the young Hope Williams on the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives. She appeared in films like Santa with Muscles and as a minor character in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. She starred with Angelina Jolie in Gia and has also played a minor character in the series 7th Heaven.

In 1998, Mila Kunis was cast in her breakthrough role as Jackie in That ‘70s Show. She was 14 at the time of her audition, but the casting staff was looking for a 17 year old. She received the part and was kept on the show despite misleading the director about her age. She has stated many times that she is nothing like her character, who is a spoiled and rich cheerleader. The gang only tolerates her at first because she is the girlfriend of, Michael Kelso and the best friend of Donna.

Mila – who voiced Meg in animated adult comedy series ‘Family Guy’ – also admitted she can’t understand why other actors regard their profession as “art”.

Speaking to the new issue of GQ magazine – in which she is named Knockout of the Year – she said: “I love what I do, but my theory is that it’s people who doubt what they do and want to prove it to you, they’re like ‘It’s art. I create art. It’s art, art, art.’ I’m like, are you kidding me? I run around and pretend I’m someone else for twelve hours; I record ‘Family Guy’. Then I get to go home and watch ‘Jersey Shore’.”