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Why I love Perth Film School by Charlie Young

When I started “The Hollywood Package” at Perth Film School all I wanted to do was act but had no prior experience, however, Nicole and the rest of the team there really helped improve my abilities as an actor as well as helped me grow more confident and comfortable with myself in my personal life. At the end of course we had the two scenes we’d be rehearsing throughout it professionally shot and edited which we later received and after picking out the parts we liked best of them we received a vital tool for an actor, our showreel.

Not only did Perth Film School help with my showreel, it allowed me to meet with and get signed onto Now Actors Agency. All this has helped with gaining more experience in pursuing my career I am currently rehearsing for my role of Rolf in a stage production of The Sound of Music and things continue to be looking up. None of this would have been possible without the talented film crew at Perth Film School or the wonderful direction and teaching of Nicole Moerland who has helped and watched me grow as both an actor and person and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Perth Film School has been one of the best things to happen to me and has been monumental in helping my acting career grow. Thank you Perth Film School.

Charlie Young

Watch Charlie’s Showreel here: