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What will your New Year’s Resolution be?

The time is finally approaching, the end of this long long year know as 2020. Like in every new year, we all tend to give ourselves what’s called a new years resolution, but this year, we might want to take it even more seriously.

We have gone through a tremendous year, full of unexpected changes and events all of the world. Many of us will say it hasn’t been a great year, but lets not let that aqffect next year!

We all know the usual goals we put down on the list, like for example, workout more or go to bed earlier. You might as note down more specific things for yourself, like drink more water daily. But have you ever thought of making a completley different goal?

Attending an acting class could be a PERFECT new years resolution, here is why:

You might not be into acting yourself, or even thought of trying it, but thats why it is perfect. You’ll be puttting yourself out there, out of your comfort zone where you are trying something completley different. It can help you grow confidence, and who knows, you might find your next favourite hobby or even your new carrer!

If you are already interested in acting, wether it be professionally or as a hobby, then there’s not really much else for me to say is there? You can aim to give greater focus to your acting skills and experince a new type of learning, along with new people and new teachers. This might be exactly what you need to start getting into the industry!

Ofcourse this all sounds amazing and now you are wondering, ‘Okay, but where could I do these acting classes?’ Well lucky for you, we have an amazing school in Perth called ‘Perth Film School’. Join us to tick off a big goal in this years New Year’s Resolution!

Our upcoming course ‘Introduction to screen acting’ starts on Thursday 7th January and runs from 18:00 – 20:00 for 4 weeks every Thursday. Secure your spot right away!

FUN FACT: One of our teen students in our European school got casted for Netflix series ‘Warrior nun’ and appears in episodes 2 & 4! Go check out Fred Pritchard in it!

Watch the trailer for ‘Warrior Nun’!