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If you’re a beginner actor or actress, the first couple of years should be spent on building your skills and mastering your craft. Although for some, acting is just a hobby or a way to spend the time. Either way, it’s important to remember the following on your acting journey.

1.) Don’t move into a major market straight away

Yes, there will be one or two times where a famous actor will walk in to audition for a very big role with no experience and get the part straight away, but for most it’s a struggle just to get unpaid work. Build up a resume before you decide to dive right in.

2.) Study!

If you want to be prepared, look into getting into some acting workshops, some small local theatre groups, or some professional groups if you are really serious. It shows dedication and patience as well if people can see that you took the time to work on your skills.

3.) Audition for anything

It doesn’t matter how small a role may seem, audition for it! You will learn so much from the crew and other actors about how the process works. Also, constant auditioning will help you to get into the habit of auditioning and performing.

4.) Learn some special skills

It is very important to work on learning some special skills. If you are auditioning and you’re up against a seasoned actor, who’s to say he or she will get the part? You may possess a unique skill that they don’t. Certain skills will help to move you to a major market, so why not start now?

5.) When all else fails, play!

If you have no experience to acting, the best advice for any actor jumping into the business is to never forget to play. Sometimes it’s not all about training and experience, it’s about not worrying about being embarrassing or looking stupid. A child, for example, never forgets how to play or explore. Sometimes you’ve got to act like a child.

Always remember that if you study your lines, practice your skills and just have fun with the whole experience, you will get there. Acting is not easy, but if you make it a main priority, you will love it all the more.