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Acting requires a range of different skills: the ability to feel and express them, to empathise, to understand others and figure out why they do what they do, to memorising scripts, to accommodating the needs of fellow actors during dialogue. The ability to “think on your feet” is also a helpful skill. The work of an actor can be a very inward journey so it can be done in private.

Testing your skills in small productions such as short films and plays is a very essential way to improve your skills. Acting classes are one of the most vital things to do when it comes to skill development, also to professional confidence. It also never hurts to understand the technical aspects of filming for TV and cinema, such as camera positioning, sound requirements and so forth.

Learn the craft of acting:

Remember that natural talents will only take you so far, and that you are also up against other actors with similar talents. If you really want to take your career to the next level you will need to become a master of the craft. To do this you should explore different styles of acting, various techniques and find the method or methods that work best for you.

Understand the sacrifices and acting career requires

Acting is most definitely not a nine-to-five job and you may have to work through the night, in the rain, in very cold temperatures, or wake up before the sun does to be on the set in time. Once shooting begins it can be months before you get to go home. While you’re at home you may also be quite irritating to be around as you try to learn lines or explore new ways to understand a character. Also, the pay is awful to begin with and very uncertain. You may not know when your next pay cheque will arrive. To be an actor can be tough on relationships, on friends and your bank balance. It takes a strong level of commitment to choose the craft over loved ones while you work towards your acting dream.

Be accessible to the right people: casting directors, agents, filmmakers 

If you don’t put yourself in the right place then the work will more then likely not come to you. Sure, from time to time major movies are filmed in much smaller locations, and there can also be more casting calls that are more local, but chances are that the leads have already been set and that they will just need extras. If you want a lead role, you need to put yourself in the path of a good opportunity by making yourself available as much as you can. Don’t wait for a talent agency to hunt you down. It won’t happen.

As much as you would like it to, becoming a famous actor doesn’t happen overnight, in fact it may never happen. After years of patient, quality work and commitment, success may just slip through your fingers. If  acting is a true calling, however, none of that will matter. You will have created a fascinating journey for yourself and be satisfied with whatever steps and inner growth that has occurred as a result of your commitment. You’ll have found ways of earning a living that cover your rent and food costs that possible sit outside of the theatrical world, and you will be quite content with that.