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Perth Film School’s upcoming courses & the JOKER



October is a busy month for the film school! We have our filmmaking course starting on the 30th of October, from 6 to 8pm, running for 8 weeks! 👻


Our new term of Kids After School Program, starts on the 24th of October, every week for our kiddies to enjoy some acting and screen time before Christmas! 😈

And last but not least, the most popular course, our Hollywood Package, starts this weekend, on the 13th October, every weekend from 1-4pm. For 2 Sunday’s, then the 27th we shoot your showreel you’ve been working hard on! 🎃

For more information contact us at – Perth Film School

+1300 588 798


Has anyone seen the new hit movie “Joker” recently? 👹

Ground-breaking performance by Joaquin Phoenix, great direction by Todd Phillips, with fantastic casting, cinematography, editing and soundtrack.

Backstory: an insecure, unsuccessful, filthy-living, hallucinating, struggling stand up comedian who suffers from a mental illness because of his horrible childhood. Is manipulated and harassed by society around him and chooses to express his anger by killing bad people round him, under a mask of the Joker he created for survival.

For better or for worse, it’s Joker’s world right now, and we’re living in it. 

So who is the better joker?

Answer, they’re both as brilliant as each other! Such different portrayals of the character who could quite frankly be the most challenging and hardest character to play in the cinematic universe!

Online source opinion: As watchable and empathetic as Phoenix is during the best moments of Joker, we have to give it to Ledger. It’s an unforgettable performance for a lot of reasons, but mostly because Ledger’s version of the Joker fits the essence of the character.

Let us know what you think! 👍🏻