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Perth Film School, The Best Film School in Perth – By Jared Herft

I have been wanting to pursue acting for a long time and only recently at the age of 30, I decided to look into it. After being recommended by a friend, I enrolled in Perth Film School, where I met Nicole Moerland and her team who are professional and dedicated teachers whose passion for acting was evident in every class.

The first class really forced me out of my comfort zone, and the classes that followed were eye opening and altered many preconceived assumptions I had about film acting. Preparing and filming our showreel was fun but challenging. Nicole motivated and inspired us to give our best performance and by the end of the course my understanding of acting, even at a beginner level was completely different.

Once completing the showreel, a showcase was held with one of Perth’s leading Acting Agencies, Now Actors, where we prepared and performed monologues, through which i’m happy to say I was contacted and offered representation.

I can’t thank Perth Film School enough, and I highly recommend it for any one who is considering pursuing acting. It’s never too late.

Thanks again Nicole and everyone at Perth Film School!

~Jared Herft