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Fear of Rejection- By Tonya Gastev

It doesn’t matter what age you may be, one of the most common problem’s that actors face in their lives is rejection, and it is something that we must become accustomed to. Unfortunately this is a fact, and while it may be hard, there are ways we can overcome what follows from rejection.

I myself have experienced this from many auditions and usually over the most silliest of reasons. The following is what you can do for yourself:

1. Breathe:

This is probably going to be a very cliche piece of advice for you, but oh how it works. I did a workshop with actor Myles Pollard and he taught us a few breathing exercises that he promised would help. Whether it’s before or after an audition, breathing slowly through your mouth and out of your nose will clear your mind. If you’ve had your audition and you get the dreaded phone call, email etc, just stand up straight, breathe in and out a few times, and move forward.

2. Focus on the positives:

I am unfortunately a bit of a pessimist and I will admit to leaning towards the more negative thoughts that come after an audition. “You performed horrible today”, “They won’t cast you, you’re not pretty enough” and the very common insecurity “I’m just not good enough.” I have found that by exploring what I am capable of as an actor that these thoughts are starting to change because.. Well.. I’m not a casting director! Yes, I may have done terribly and yes I may not fit the part “looks” wise, but how do I know that for sure? Casting directors know who they want, and sometimes if you’re good enough, they will be so impressed with your performance that they will change the character itself to better fit you.

3. Stop comparing

I do this every single day. It stops now though, because as long as I keep comparing myself to every actress I meet, I am not moving forward in my career. Instead I’m creating this little bubble around myself, keeping my insecurities inside and wondering “why am I not as good as them?”. The downside to this is that I am focusing on other people and their career’s rather than my own. And that makes no sense at all! Every actor is different and can offer the world something different. So why try to be like every other actor?

4. “Keep Moving Forward”

Partially taken from the famous quote from Walt Disney himself. I can’t think of three words to describe this journey more. At the end of the day, it was just an audition. Now, I know it could have been an audition for a very big feature film, or a regular spot on a popular television show, but there will always be another opportunity. Don’t ever let your age, race or gender influence what you can and can’t do. Have a little look online and you will see many of the greatest actors who were originally rejected from very promising roles, go on to do bigger and better things. There will always be another chance.

So hopefully a few of these tips help. I don’t expect everyone to just forget the feeling of rejection but sometimes you can think of something to do for yourself which may help the process. Another wonderful thing about being an actor is that we can always explore a different path or a way of thinking, I guess it can be called “research” in the end.

Goodluck with your future auditions!