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Effective Tips to Get Hired as a Voice Actor by

Voice actors have such a unique talent that even some other artists cannot seem to master. It can often drive many to think that a career in voice acting can begin by believing you have a unique voice. In reality, this can help, but it is not the sole reason why many become successful in this field of acting. Even seasoned television or movie actors are not offered voice acting stints because they often exhibit their acting skills with the use of their whole body and pay little attention to their voice.

Similar to many other careers, the first step in getting hired as a voice actor is to try out when you’re ready. Remember, getting ready means you’ve done your training and sorted out what specific voice acting job you want. We have rounded up useful and effective tips when it comes to getting hired as a voice actor:

1. Evaluate your current skills


In order for you to kick-start your career as a voice actor, you need to look into the skills you have now. Relatives, friends, or co-workers may compliment you on your unique voice, but do test if you are capable of switching to awide range of vocal tones. Voice acting goes beyond copying other people’s voices, but rather creating a unique three dimensional character with your own. Do include other skills needed when it comes to becoming a professional voice actor such as improvisation and even facial expressions. Knowing your skills can give your agent a heads up on when and where he can book you for auditions.

Keep in mind that your skills shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on in the end. Work on increasing your other voice acting skills to really be a force in the industry and increase your chances in getting booked.

2. Build your network and market yourself


Marketing in the digital age can be tricky and competitive, but it can easily work on your advantage. By using platforms such as the Internet, you’ll be able to showcase your talent and have it reach potential clients immediately.

But don’t stick to just sitting and waiting. Do your research and find out which area has the most opportunities for voice actors and build your network from there. It is recommended that you avail the services of a professional marketing team to increase your chances. They have the most knowledge when it comes to where and how to market talents, not to mention build interest on your profile. For your part, continue to have the drive for voice acting and do your own form of digital marketing by personally managing your page. That way, you still have control of your own career while consulting professional services at the same time.

3. Develop your talent

voice acting

Voice actors may appear off screen, but that doesn’t mean that it requires lesser skills than that of regular actors. You still need to make use of facial expressions but not hand gestures. To better equip yourself with skills in voice acting, do not hesitate to contact a professional and learn the tricks of the trade. Professionals play on your strengths and work on the skills that need to be improved. They also know the industry well and can give pieces of advice when it comes to the different people you may encounter.

Do not stop broadening your knowledge, voice actors always find time to learn something new each day. So whether you be a seasoned performer or not, you can always find more way to sharpen the skills or learn a new one.

4. Try going for bigger projects

voice acting

Whether you want monetary success or recognition for your work, then go for bigger jobs and seek greater opportunities. Challenge yourself and you’ll be shocked where your career will take you. Small projects are okay especially when you happen to be starting out. After all, every actor has to start somewhere. But when your job continues to be redundant, it may be time to aim for bigger promotions by going for better-paying stints. Stuff like nationwide campaigns, animation films, or series will give your career a leg up. Do not go asking yourself when you will ever be ready because tendency is, you’ll be stuck where you are. The time is right once you’ve gotten the experience and the willpower to go for the goal.

5. Evaluate what needs to be worked on

acting skills

In the beginning of this article, advice was given on working on the skills you have on hand. Over time, you can be getting rejection after rejection and that never works well with any voice actor.

So you have your agent, your market, and your training, so why exactly are you not booking any jobs?

Before you throw in the talent, sit down and evaluate what needs to be worked on. Do not just stick with focusing on what you’ve been doing right and try to focus on what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. It could be a series of trivial things, such as your overall look, your posture and even a lack of training that was overlooked during the rehearsal process. Keep in mind that you should not evaluate on your own, but have somebody give their unbiased opinion.

Another thing you can do on your own to increase your chances in getting a voice acting job aside from honing your skills is to include recording your own demo and capturing what works best for you. The more familiar you are with what you can do, the more leverage you have in this competitive industry.

If you are serious in building a career as a voice actor, you need to know the business well. An initial passion will buy you a ticket, but actually getting on the bandwagon is the hardest part. But if you become knowledgeable on what is needed and how to deal with the different key players in the industry, you’ll be able to book the jobs that you want and ultimately receive success as a voice-over artist.