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At Perth Film School there is no ego, just support and advice. – Natalie Plunkett

In February 2016 I made a decision to do what I really love and that is acting and what do I love about acting ?

Everything. The scripts, the words, creating a character, making that connection with the audience and hopefully creating a little magic.

Perth Film school gave me that chance and opportunity. I am a middle aged woman and I’m finally doing what I love. I have learnt so much about screen acting through the Perth film school. You are working with acting professionals, there is no ego just support and advice.

The Hollywood package was amazing and then I did the Mahesh Jadu Masterclass for four weeks and I just learnt so much from Mahesh. He is extremely perceptive and gives you very good practical tools to help you set up a scene and a character.

I then did Greg Apps audition workshop and it was a crash course in the industry and how, why, where, and what to do. Nicole Moerland has created an amazing film school that is so very unique. There is nothing like it in Perth.

So if your heart tells you that you need to act book into Perth film school, you won’t regret it. After 4 months of solid tuition I have now got an Agent through Perth FIlm School. Miracles do happen and this is just the beginning for me but I love every minute of it.

Thank you Perth film school for making it happen for me.

~Natalie Plunkett
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