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3 famous Australian actors who started their acting journey as teenagers

Acting superstars like Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Heath Ledger all pursued their screen acting careers from an early age. Now, countless successes later, their names are some of the most respected names in the Film & TV industry, and both aspiring and established actors look up to them. Did you know these superstars were all in their teens when they scored their first Film & TV roles?

Heath Ledger

16-year old Heath Ledger traveled from Perth to Sydney to pursue an acting career with his long-time friend Trevor Di Carlo after taking on various theatre roles at his grammar school and a small role in Clowning Around (1992), the first part of a two-part television series. Ledger’s career of course skyrocketed and he went on to star in critically acclaimed movie blockbusters such as Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) as the Joker and Brokeback Mountain (2005) as Ennis Del Mar. Since his passing in 2008, the Heath Ledger Scholarship was established. The foundation partners with Screenwise and Qantas Airlines to support the education and career development of emerging Australian talent and the future of the Australian cinema.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was only 16 when she made her film debut in the 1983 remake of the Australian holiday season favorite Bush Christmas after director Jane Campion encouraged her to audition for it. Around the same time, Kidman also met one of her best friends, who happened to be fellow actress Naomi Watts. She also scored a handful of supporting roles in the television series Five Mile Creek, BMX Bandits and Wills & Burke.



Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts immigrated to Sydney, Australia at the age of 14. She enrolled in acting classes before auditioning for numerous TV advertisements. Naomi made her breakthrough in 1986 with the drama film For Love Alone and her first major role in the Australian TV miniseries Brides of Christ in 1991.



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