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Why I Loved Perth Film School!

By Francois Pretorius

“I have attended Perth Film School, which was, in my experience the best Film school I have ever taken part in. The Hollywood Package that I did was inspirational, the teachers are all friendly, great and fun to work with, and at the end you get your own showreel!

There was a Villain course I did with Mahesh Jadu which was such an amazing course and I learned a lot about acting when I had zero experience.

Perth Film School is definitely a recommendation that I would make especially if you want to experience what it feels like to be in front of a camera or if you’re just wanting to explore acting. It is so great that they do workshops that introduce you to screen acting, what a great way to start off when you are new to the scene!

The experiences that I gained were so fun and the crew that I met during the scenes that we shot were all friendly and fun to work with. Perth Film School helped me a lot while I lived in Perth and I have now moved to Melbourne to progress my career in acting.

I would highly recommend Perth Film School to anyone who wants to kickstart their career in acting.”

Francois’ Showreel: