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Why I love the Hollywood Package by Sara Penida

I would first of all like to thank Perth Film School and the brilliant mind behind it, Nicole Moerland, for having opened their doors and created courses designed for people like myself. Who have never had any training or have done any form of acting, let alone been in front of camera.

Also by giving this newbie the best experience possible and not only the opportunity but also the support.

My hat goes off to my teacher. An incredible, talented and professional mentor and actor, that worked with us and pushed us to get the best out of ourselves. Coming into this class I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous and a little scared that I would be way out of my depth. But by the end of the class I felt like I had found a place to grow with a great group of people.

They helped me really connect with the character, giving my character depth and really making you dig deep into your mind and emotions, helping you bring out the actor/actress in you.

He gives you the right tools, support and courage in yourself to let go.

He made me realize that anyone can do this, experience or no experience. Its all in the power of mind and above all work ethics. Studying your character. Eating and breathing your character. Putting in the hard work. To give you the best outcome in your showreels.

My mentor is a great actor and an amazing funny teacher. Watching and learning from him is an experience in itself. Inspiring myself and others to really go for it, to live out whatever experience it is you want from this and to really believe in yourself.

I walked in not knowing a single person, but Perth Film School was so rewarding to me because I walked out making a whole group of friends that I now call family.

Thanks again Perth Film School, you really are an inspiration. I feel very blessed to have shared this experience with you.