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Why I loved the Hollywood Package Course

Towards the end of 2013, shortly after the acting bug had bitten me hard, I had been searching for a course in which I could learn more about acting for the screen. I discovered Perth Film School and when I signed up for the Hollywood Package, I had no idea that I was embarking on a life-changing journey, not simply enrolling in an “acting course”. I didn’t anticipate concluding the course with about 70% more confidence than when I started, a radically different take on acting from what I had ever conceived, new friends for life, rich experiences to remember and enjoy forever, skills to equip me to pursue a professional acting career and a positive attitude believing that bringing your dreams to life is possible if you really want to do this badly enough and do the hard work.

I learned how to build a scene from the page to a three-dimensional life space and how, through much rehearsing, a scene evolves and develops until it is real and believable. I learned how to see the world through a character’s eyes and how to experience life from their perspective. Most importantly, I learned how to bring truth to a performance by digging deeply to find the magic within that brings a character to life. These are very valuable skills I now have in my acting toolkit.

One of the best experiences I had by far was the privilege of acting with professional actors who helped us with our scenes. I learned an enormous amount about acting by working with these amazing people and am indebted to them and to Nicole Ingleson for all that I have learned and gained through this experience.

Nicole Ingleson requires a high level of commitment from all participants and gives as much commitment as she requires from students, if not, more. The end results of the high quality show reels produced and the phenomenal development of the students are testimony to the benefits of such commitment. Nicole Ingleson is a very patient, dedicated, inspiring teacher, wanting everyone to achieve to the best of their abilities. I would highly recommend Perth Film School for people who are serious about pursuing an acting career.

By Gael Campbell-Young

April 3rd 2014