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Why I love Perth Film School by Jae West

I can only express my sincere gratitude for Nicole Moerland and all the staff at Perth Film School for the incredible opportunity they have given me through participating in the Hollywood Package Course. From the very beginning they set up a safe space for everyone to explore the ins and outs of what it means to be an actor without judgement or ego. They supported every individuals needs so that everyone left the course with expanded skills and knowledge, no matter what point in their career they were at.

Nicole Moerland has and continues to support my dreams and passion to be an actress which I am so incredibly humbled by. I will always be thankful for the constant guidance she has provided me and constructive feedback that continues to help me grow as an actress and as a person.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone, whether that be wanting to pursue an acting career or just wanting to build a little bit of confidence and try something new!

~ Jae West – Actress

Watch one of my showreel scenes: