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Testimonial from the Wife of an Actor by Dea Herft

How do you become an actor?

Where do you begin?

If you decided to pursue acting, where would you go and what would you do?

These are the questions my husband asked before enrolling at Perth Film School.

Jared had dreamt of being an actor since he was a child. At the age of 30 he decided to explore options to study acting. We found Perth Film School online and had heard great things from a mate who had completed the Hollywood Package previously. Jared was concerned that 30 may of been too late to begin acting, however there is nothing worst than living with regret and “what if’s”.

He enrolled in the Hollywood Package March 2016 during which they prepare and professional quality showreel and upon completion the school hosted a showcase after which Jared was signed to Now Actors. Within the first 10 months Jared had 5 paying jobs with another 3 auditions this week.

Not only did Perth Film School give Jared absolute confidence and belief in himself, they encouraged him to dream big. This uncovered a desire to write and produce his own work and encourage others to do the same. The change I saw in Jared after each class was inspiring. He was motivated, in his element and it was all he could talk about.

As for the founder Nicole Moerland, you are one incredibly inspiring woman. Nicole is a genuine, caring and down to earth teacher who wants the best for her students. She is also dedicated, passionate and driven to pass on her knowledge to the next generation of aspiring actors.

It was an honour for Jared to have learnt from the absolute best and we are so grateful we chose the best program out there.

If you are reading this and considering whether Perth Film School is for you, your partner or a child.
The answer is YES!! Go for it! What it will do for your/their confidence, self esteem and belief is unfathomable.

Do yourself a favor and contact them today!

From the wife of an actor x