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Step 5 of 7 Acting Tips: Miscellaneous Mumbo Jumbo by Aleator

Never eat or drink (yes especially booze) right before a performance as this can impair your ability to perform. I wont get into the messy details, but the only thing that should be spewing from your mouth are your lines, not that over caffeinated energy drink/ultra jumbo cheesy spicy fish taco surprise combo which gave you food poisoning. Don’t drink alcohol before a performance either, ’nuff said.

Be sure to keep hydrated. I suggest keeping a large water (yes water and only water) bottle backstage to keep your body (most obviously your throat, to prevent coughing and thirst), and mind hydrated.

Be sure to keep well rested. This is a basic given, you are simply less likely to give your best performance if you are tired!.

Keep full. I mentioned previously not to eat right before a performance, which is extremely helpful, but it is also important to not act on an empty stomach. Once again keep some goodies backstage (and be sure to share, the rest of us actors get hungry too ya know). AVOID SUGARY SWEETS! they may be tasty, but the surging and crashing energy levels they may give you during a performance may impair you once again.

AVOID EXTREME SPORTS!! Its not worrying, its precaution! An injury can not only be fatal to you, but to your performance as well. If you get the part and are in the process of rehearsals, then it would be best to leave that mountain bike on its rack in the garage and your rock climbing gear in its bag. Whatever the potentially bone-breaking adventures you enjoy, put them on hold until your performance is complete. Arm casts and crutches cannot be easily worked into scripts and scenes, and either you may get the boot or the production itself may go under because you “just had to” go bare skin diving with sharks you and lost your pinky toe to Jaws. Dont risk it.