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Step 2 of 7 Acting Tips: C is for Communication by Aleator

Unless your putting on a one man show and self directing, chances are you’ll be interacting with a bevy of dramatic personae, and believe it or not you’re gonna have to play nice. Honestly, I find this the easiest and most rewarding part of any cast. Some of my best friends began as casual cast mate acquaintances. If you’re gonna put on a great show, or make a great movie, you’re gonna have to interact with your fellow crew.

Simply don’t be a jerk and just treat people with respect. Nobody wants to work with an arrogant know-it-all or a timid introvert. I’ve worked with bad people, funny people, good people, and strange people. Getting to know your cast is essential. If you’re cast with your worst enemy, don’t sweat, tolerate him/her and treat him/her respectfully so that you can both reach your goal. If you feel that someone is lagging behind or struggling, offer your help and you will both learn something from one another and once again, this will add synergy your performance.

Aside from your fellow thespians, it is also key to communicate effectively with your director. If you’re given strict directions–follow them. If your given some improvisational slack–make good use of it. The last thing a director would tolerate is a selfish rebel or a robotic servant. Be yourself, but know when to listen and behave accordingly.