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Perth Film School’s success story and out latest courses!

It’s spring time! Meaning we have a new classes coming up, including our Introduction to Screen Acting course starting up on the 4th of December! Running every Wednesday from 6-9pm for the 2 weeks, 6-8pm during the last week.

Our Introduction courses are the foundation base every actor needs to start their journey in this industry! From camera techniques such as presenting yourself or eye line, to audition tips when in front of casting directors! You’ll also go through many scripts until you find the right one to work with and meet new students who share the same passion!


Speaking of success, one of our past students Jayden Arts learnt screen acting with us! He then went on to land various short film roles.

Moving forward in just a short space of time he has fulfilled his dream as an actor by constantly challenging himself!

Keep going Jayden, it was a pleasure working with you and we hope to see you on the big screen soon!

Below is the link to Jayden’s showreel, check it out!


If you are interested in joining our Introduction to Screen Acting course starting in December, contact us today!

+1300 588 798