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My journey so far at Perth Film School – by Luna-Lucia Magno

About a month ago I decided to do a sharp left turn in my life and pick something up I used to really enjoy in my childhood and teens: Acting=) I’m really glad to have found Perth Film School because it gives me the perfect starting point! I just finished the screen acting 1 course with Nicole, who is absolutely awesome! She always gives me really helpful feedback on my performance and is happy to help with questions not directly related to the course. I am looking forward to getting into screen acting 2 this weekend=D and really excited to film my show reel at the end of this month!!! If a career in acting was always something at the back of your mind I encourage you to just give it a go and do this course! But keep in mind you have to put the work to get the best out of it! Nobody becomes a great and successful actor only because they sit a course;-) You have to be proactive and determined, then this course can be fun and rewarding=)