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Hollywood package courses with showreel available!

Showreels are extremley important for an actor to have. Its necceseray to be able to exhibit your acting skills in a quick way, while also showing a range of different characters one can play. Incase you dont know what a showreel is, it is like a little trailer of the best part of an actors scene, all put together for a total of about a minute and a half on average. You then showcase your showrell to any agency of casting director of Interest, so that it is a quick way of seeing how you act without wasting their time, every actor needs one!!


Last week, our students at Perth Film School in our Hollywood package course just filmed their showreel scenes! Each student practices and breaks down a script throughout the entire course, whilst also developing their techniques and refining their skills. Each actor approaches a different scene with completely different characters as well as time periods too. These scenes get filmed professionally with a crew, as well as makeup when necessary. We scout for the best possible locations to fit the scenes to make sure they look as natural, real and professional as possible.




We run a Hollywood package course every month, which includes a showreel scene for you to film just as professionally as everyone else. Whether you are a great actor or a beginner, or if it’s simply an interest of yours to try acting, our school will most definitely welcome you. This course is also great to improve confidence, having fun, and enjoying a brand new experience in an amazing and homey atmosphere.



If you are interested in joining our course next month, be sure to secure your spot before they fill up by signing up online. Feel free to give us a call about any questions or doubts you might have. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you act!