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Becoming an actor in Australia

Pursuing an acting career is difficult to navigate anywhere, no matter if you’re hoping to star in TV, film, or on a stage—but pursuing acting in Australia may prove to be particularly challenging. Given the location of Australia, opportunities are often isolated and competition is high. So, how should you go about pursuing your dream of acting? We’re here to help you out in answering some of the tricky questions you may have when getting started.


Here are some must-know suggestions when thinking about an acting career:


Making your own work
It’s no secret that the world of acting is highly competitive. There are a wide range and large pool of talent competing for a comparatively small number of available roles. In order to get ahead, it’s a good idea to consider creating your own work. Whether you’re working with an aspiring playwright to star in a small production or creating your own short film, make sure you are creating opportunities for yourself. Your aim should be to have a few different scenes you have acted in to then create a showreel for yourself, so you can show off your amazing acting skills to whoever necessary.


Attend workshops

Workshops provide a means of improving or developing a skill to increase your audition package while simultaneously forming connections and gaining experience networking in an atmosphere that’s less competitive than an audition. They are a great idea to take up as it will help you develop personally and in the industry.


Get yourself in the room

Perhaps the best thing you can do to progress your acting career is to simply get yourself in the room, expose yourself to new material (and rejection), and get comfortable with the auditioning format in various settings.

If you’re invited to attend an audition by a casting director, it’s always a good sign that he or she thinks you would be a good fit for the role. Even if you don’t land the job in the end, every audition—with the right mindset—is helping you become more confident in your audition package and make fans in the business!


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