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4 Acting Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You

As an actor, acting can be tough and finding acting jobs can be even tougher.

Here are acting tips you can use to build your acting career.

One of the best ways to get noticed in the film industry is to show up at an audition and be so great that casting directors can’t take their eyes off you.  Unfortunately, show business features tons of talented actors. Therefore, a great audition is just not enough to become a working actor.

Instead of waiting to be discovered, a better approach to becoming a working actor would be to promote yourself. Here are 4 ways to get noticed by agents, casting directors and other people involved in the entertainment industry.

1. Look for your own acting jobs.

Getting an agent is a huge accomplishment for any actor, but an agent alone is not enough to get you on film or television. Most of the time, after an actor gets an agent, they get lazy and complacent. Instead of looking for their own opportunities, they wait for someone else to find it for them. In addition, many actors that don’t have an agent don’t look for work because they think that they need an agent first. It is important that every actor is constantly looking for their next acting job because, no one is going to work harder at your career then yourself

2. Network with other actors

The best way to find more acting jobs is by networking with other people in the industry. There are dozens of Facebook groups that you can easily join in order to find available auditions. To increase your chances of getting an audition, share information with other actors you trust so you can help one another.

3. Contact casting directors on your own

Many actors just wait for the perfect audition to land at their feet. Instead of waiting for your next audition, go out and create your own opportunities. One of the best ways is by contacting casting directors yourself.

By contacting a casting director, you can increase the chance that you can get a particular role without having to go through an open casting call, performing in a showcase, or having your agent arrange a meeting with the casting director. The best way to contact a casting director is to mail your headshot and resume to him or her and ask for a general interview. You are trying to get a casting director to remember you out of the thousands of other actors the casting director knows. A general interview will help you stick out in the mind of the casting director. But, it is important to do your research on the casting director before you blindly send in your information. For instance, if the casting director typically casts comedies, write a funny cover letter or change your resume that highlights your comedic experience.

4. Advertise Yourself as an actor

Acting is a business and actors have to advertise themselves to gain the attention of agents and casting directors. The simplest way to advertise are to carry your headshots, resumes, showreels and business cards with you wherever you go. You never know when you may meet a producer, casting director, or potential agent. In addition, consider creating your own website to highlight your contact information, headshot, showreels and experience. If you land a particular role, share a postcard with casting directors highlighting your latest accomplishment. For example, say something like “See Megan Diane in Men in Black 4 in theaters everywhere next Monday. That way you can get people to see and look at your acting performance.