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4 Acting Classes You Should Be Taking for a Better Audition

Are you thinking about taking acting classes?

Here are 4 types of acting classes that you should be taking to improve your auditions.

One of the most important job an actor must do is improve their acting skills.

On a rare occasion, someone may suddenly be discovered as a naturally gifted actor who then skyrockets to stardom. However, these situations are rare. I can recall working as a background extra on a popular comedy TV series and one extra was suddenly discovered and asked to audition for a role later that afternoon. This is something that does occur but is also very rare. The extra ended up not getting the role because she did not practice her acting skills enough. Therefore, it is crucial that any actor consistently practice their acting talents because as an actor you must always be ready.

Every actor, singer, basketball player, and coach all started out as a beginner. So here are the first steps any actor should  take in order to increase their chances of making it in film and television. The first step you should take in order to become an actor should be to promote yourself and find your own productions to gain acting experience. Your next step would be to find an agent to represent you and help you find work, and finally you should learn how to audition in front of a casting director. As soon as you are able to master auditions, the quicker you will be on your way to establishing a career in TV and film.

How to become a better actor in the audition room

The most important skill every actor should learn is how to audition. For many actors, auditions can be the most difficult part of becoming an actor. Even though every audition can be different, it is definitely a learning process that can be ruined if you are not prepared or unconfident. The best way for you to get better at auditioning you should take an auditioning class.

Auditioning classes

For an actor that is first starting out, an auditioning class can teach you the basic acting techniques and skills that you can use at different auditions.

Typically auditioning classes are ran and instructed by veteran actors or casting directors who have years of experience attending auditions and are not interested in sharing their experiences with you. Sometimes, the best auditioning classes are instructed by casting directors. Because it gives you the chance to hear from casting directors who have seen actors make mistakes. In addition, casting directors share tips on what they look for in actors and in auditions. The best way to find a great instructor would be to ask working actors or follow casting directors on Facebook or Instagram.

Most auditioning classes focus on making students practice auditioning and pointing out what they are doing wrong. The best auditioning classes will focus on on-camera techniques, improving cold reading, and scene study.

How to succeed at cold reading

In a typical cold reading you have to think on your feet and get into character at the drop of a hat. It is not an easy task. But, it is something that a casting director may ask for you to do during an audition. When a casting director asks you to perform a cold reading from a script you are not familiar you with, the casting director is testing to see how well you can play a role with almost no time to think, rehearse, or analyze the script.

Many actors panic when they have to do a cold read. Cold reading workshops can teach you how to adapt to quick changes and allow you to remain confident during an audition. Cold reading skills allow you to perform better on set especially on comedies where writers rewrite the script.

How to improve your on-camera techniques

Many auditioning classes teach on-camera techniques to help actors look better on TV and film. On-camera technique classes show actors what to do and what not to do when the camera is pointed at them. For example, an actor would never look directly into the lense. Other types of on-camera technique classes will teach someone how to react for close-ups during an emotional scene, or how to cheat the camera so your face is more visible. If you don’t look good on film or videotape, the quality of your acting can be meaningless. The actor who looks the best on camera for a particular role often gets the role.

Scene Study and analysis

Before you go to an audition, you can get a copy of the sides that you can study ahead of time. How well you interpret the sides can increase your chances of getting a callback. Interpret the sides incorrectly and you may play serious when the scene is actually supposed to be humorous. Learning how to study a scene can help you understand what the character is thinking.

Monologue Technique Courses

Besides learning how to interpret a movie script a good acting coach will teach you the best way to read a monologue in a monologue training course. Taking a monologue class gives you the chance to practice with monologues and give you feedback from your instructor and other acting students. They can offer you suggestions for what works and what you can improve before your next audition. Getting feedback now will be amazing because during an audition, a casting director will rarely give you an insight on how to improve your audition. Your instructor can help you choose the best type of monologues that shows your acting strengths and acting abilities.



These acting courses  can improve your chances in the audition room and allow for you to emphasize your acting abilities. But it takes finding a great acting coach that will help you reach your acting dreams not rip you off. Talk to working actors and see who they learn from. Acting is not easy but, with hard work, training and perseverance you can reach your dreams and become the next A-List actor in Hollywood