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Why Students Love Perth Film School – by Nada Dilevska

An extremely rewarding course, taken under the watchful eye of Nicole Ingleson. Nicole puts in an incredible amount of effort to ensure every student adequately rehearses and is ready to shoot on the day. All of the performances would never have been made possible without Nicole’s encouragement and dedication throughout the weeks leading up.
Ross and his team – on the day(s) of the shoot – were the picture of professionalism, without their energy and hard work the shoot days would never have happened. They were an absolute delight to work with, and I thank them ever so much for their patience. The crew put in long hours, and never once did they falter. Again thank you to everyone for the delightful experience. I’d highly recommend that anyone who is serious about their craft, and requires a show reel or some fresh material consider this course, the finished product is such a high standard, you’ll not be disappointed!

– Nada Dilevska