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Why Parents Love Perth Film School – Sandra Koller

I was so happy this year to find Perth Film School, when looking for new acting classes for my 10 year old son!   Luke started with a holiday program and then moved on to after-school classes, which he really enjoyed!  Nicole has a wonderful rapport with children and is very positive and encouraging.  Her classes move at a good pace and Luke was able to learn numerous monologues as well as short scripts, and also get behind the camera and direct.

Luke has just completed the Kids Showreel Workshop, where he spent time developing his showreel scenes with Nicole, and then shot them over a weekend.  We found the shoot very organised and easy for us parents to know when/where our children should be (thanks Claudia!).  It was the real deal with a professional crew, and lot of effort was put into making his scenes realistic – even down to the set props.  I would highly recommend any of Perth Film School classes for kids!!

To quote Luke  “Nicole really knows what she’s doing, I learnt a lot, and she’s nice… “!

Sandra Koller (Luke’s Mum).