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Why I loved the Introduction To Screen Acting Course by Helen Medley

As I drove to my first acting class I made up my mind that if I felt really uncomfortable I wouldn’t go back the next week! I have in the past been to some other acting classes where the tutor was quite critical to people’s first monologues, so I lacked the courage to even try doing one.

The moment I walked into Nicole’s class she made me feel welcome and at ease. So much so that I volunteered to do my monologue first! I was very nervous, but she was so encouraging of everyone’s work that I left feeling excited for the following week’s class. I really enjoyed watching everyone else perform too, it makes you feel happy for others when you see them improving so much during the course, and the 2 hour class feels like 10 minutes.

I have always loved movies and get very caught up in the characters. This course was exactly what I was looking for. Not only does it explore characters and develop your acting skills, but Nicole tells you exactly what to expect in auditions and the acting profession which I have always been so intrigued about.

After standing up and acting in front of a room of strangers – and enjoying it, I felt I could do anything! When I then went for an interview related to my day job I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was very relaxed and not nervous at all, which I feel is due to this course giving me confidence. So, it’s not just for actors, I think it’s a great course for developing confidence and life skills too.

Thank you Nicole for a really well run course, you have made me feel like it’s something I could actually consider having a go at – which I didn’t expect!

Helen Medley – Geotechnical & Geological Engineer / Emerging Actor!