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Why I love Perth Film School – By Ryszard Gorell

After a number of years of mainly musical theatre, I thought the time had come to try my hand at film acting. I came across Perth Film School through a search on the internet and after speaking to Nicole I booked myself in on the beginners course. I then booked myself in for the Intermediate and Advanced course culminating in the production of a showreel. In other words, following the first course I was eager to do more. Why was that?
I found the screen acting course a very pleasant experience which has done wonders for my confidence. The classes are of a manageable size, typically six to eight. Nicole is an engaging teacher with a positive attitude. She is also prepared to challenge. On a number of occasions she has handed me a script and convinced me that I could do it even when I’m initially convinced I’m never going to do that. But through a process of repeated rehearsal , constructive note-giving  and careful selection of screen ‘partners’ Nicole is able to coax out ‘that’ performance.  Even if I wasn’t initial sure of her direction, she provided enough authority for me to try it her way, which always seemed to lead to the desired result.
But for me, good though the course was,  what really impressed was how she managed the process of the showreel production ensuring that an experienced crew were on hand, and working hard to find appropriate locations for each scene.  A huge amount of work must have been put into that – unseen.
So to summarise, a great experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a screen acting career.
Ryszard Gorell