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Why I Love Perth Film School – by Jaimee Peasley

If you are serious about being an actor but feel stuck, I can’t recommended the showreel course at Perth Film School enough!

I have been training and trying to break into the industry for years, even moving to sydney at one point. The problem was that casting directors and top agencies wouldn’t see me because my showreel was not up to scratch.

Since meeting Nicole Ingleson I feel confident and back on track. Nicole Ingleson spent hours with me, picking scenes suitable for me, rehearsing with me, shooting scenes and finally being an amazing mentor. She went above and beyond what I expected of her.

The result was a beautifully shot, professional showreel shot by the amazing cinematographer Ross Metcalf, with a performance I am proud of.

Finally I was in a position for casting directors to trust that I could do the job. My agent immediately sent out my new showreel and this time, not only did Top Australian Casting Consultant called Mullinars agree to meet me, but they also auditioned me for a series lead on Home and Away. I also since had several auditions for US  TV Series pilots and a feature film being shot there. I cannot thank Nicole and Perth Film School for all that they did for me. I am now one step closer to achieving my goals!

Click here to watch my showreel: