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What do awards really mean?


Here’s a diagram of the highest grossing actors of 2015- who were all nominated. Being nominated for an oscar boosts a male actors salary by 81%, where as for a woman not as much. JLaw seems to be changing that game 💪🏻 “Everybody gets more money; the question is how much”

 For films, a nomination can be enough

Nine films collectively earned a further $145.7 million (£104 million) at the box office after being nominated for an Oscar in 2014 ceremony, according to analysis of box office data from box office.

American Hustle, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, took a further $42 million after being nominated in 2014, representing around 30 per cent of the film’s total revenues.

Spike Jonze’s Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix, benefited the most, taking in around 60 per cent of its overall earnings after the nomination.

This morning I came across an article that said “Adam Sandler threatens a terrible movie if he doesn’t win an oscar” and I thought, to have a net worth like his and a career as long-lasting and exciting as his, an oscar shouldn’t mean so much, he’s worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today, awards shouldn’t really define actors. 

I think throughout the whole of the movie/hollywood history, awards have insinuated who are you as an actor, if you’re good enough and better than others. However, it does boost your salary, rewards you for all your hard work and makes you more well known, but the thing it shouldn’t do is define who you are, or let your self-esteem drop.

 Payoff for winning 

Best Picture Oscar winners earn about $13.8 million more post-Oscar win than their nominated counterparts.

Films who left with the coveted golden statuette between 2008 and 2012 made 50.2 per cent of box office revenue before the Oscar nominees were announced, 31.8 per cent once they were nominated and 18.1 per cent of box office revenue after winning the Oscar.

 Low budget movies are the bigger winners

Lower budget movies tend to experience a larger monetary boost for the Academy Award nomination.

“Big risks have led to high rewards during as less-traditional movies, like the black and white silent movie The Artist, have claimed the top prize, “ said Agata Kaczanowska, IBISWorld entertainment industry analyst.

The movie Silver Linings Playbook, nominated for the 85th award ceremony tripled the number of its theatre screening after its nomination.

 The golden statuette 

The coveted 24-karat gold statuette is worth around $400, according to CBS estimates in 2011, when gold prices were higher.

But its value can increase greatly if sold at a later date due to history associated with it.

The highest sum ever paid for an Oscar was $1,542,500 by Michael Jackson in 1999 for the Best Picture award David O. Selznick won for Gone With the Wind.


What is your opinion on awards?


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