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The Benefits of Acting

The Benefits of Acting

The Arts are such an important part of everyone’s lives, here are just some of the many benefits of acting!

Acting classes help public speaking-
Performing in front of a crowd is one of the most hated things in the world, but with drama classes you can overcome it!
Public speaking helps with many factors such as: volume, enunciation and inflection.

2. Acting helps build confidence-
Being in front of the camera or on stage is not for the light heart, you’re performing in front of strangers! This, however can improve your confidence and help handle situations.

3. Acting can make you more physically active-
If sports isn’t for you, maybe the arts are! Or maybe both are, however between blocking, rehearsing, mucking around with fellow actors and working hard, you are being super active. Whether that be on stage, in front of the camera or in a dance studio, it keeps you moving!

4. Acting increases teamwork mentality-
Whether that be at a table read, an audition or simply rehearsing with cast mates, it keeps you motivated to work as a team, that no school project could impact!

5. Not to mention- Memorization skills
When learning lines, blocking cues, rehearsing or lighting, Actors use a lot memorization tricks to remember their lines.
These tricks stick with Actors throughout life, whether that be at work remembering dates or meeting to in school whilst studying!

6. Lastly, acting can improve professionalism-
For children drama class is the very beginning of professionalism behaviour.
When studying dramatic arts you have to make a great impression in front of casting directors, directors and other cast mate.
You must also when performing in front of people show enthusiasm, hard working ethics and respect to everyone in the room. Those key three things can stick with you throughout life and are very important factors!


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