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Start acting with us today!


Starting on the 5th of February our Introduction to Screen Acting course is back in full swing!! Every Wednesday from 6 to 8pm, on-going for 4 weeks. If you’ve been an actor before and want to retake the reins? Trying it out as a new years resolution? Always wanted to act but never got round to it? Transitioning from theatre to screen? This course is perfect for you!

You’ll begin with a foundation start of camera techniques, audition techniques (we like to prepare our actors for opportunities that often swing by unexpectedly!) Recording a self-tape (as they often appear unannounced and require quick filming and understanding of character and camera base) character development, backstories, and much more!

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Did you know that we have a sister school in Europe, in Marbella, Spain, it’s called Marbella Film School! 8 years ago Nicole Moerland, set up Perth Film School in Western Australia, with many success stories coming through, Marbella film school was then set up! We also have many success stories beginning to shine through our sister European school, with many auditions and booking roles for Netflix and more! 

Our sister school studio is based in the heart of the costa del sol in Malaga in Spain, Marbella, on the sea front and in the busy town! Alongside fantastic teachers from all over and super experienced, we have excellent locations within walk ing distant with fantastic views and weather almost all the time! To check out some of our Marbella students click on the link to see their showreels!




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