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Self-development and Introduction to Acting by Perth Film School

Our INTRODUCTION to SCREEN ACTING COURSE starts the 13th of November! 

(6-9pm for the first 2 weeks and 6-8pm for the last week!)

Our courses aren’t just available for those who are aspiring actors, but for anyone who needs self-confidence, self-development or simply just wanting to try something new! We have courses available for all ages and abilities and welcome everyone with open arms and willingness to help move everybody into the direction they want to go in!

Ways Acting help your self development:

1. Let go of your ego–  Let’s face it, we all have defense mechanisms. They’re there for a reason, to protect us from getting hurt emotionally.

2. Truly listen– Too often in our lives, we are just waiting for the other person to finish so that we can say what we need to say. In acting, pre-planning how we are going to say a line instead of listening and then reacting is problematic.

3. Act and react in the moment-  The ability to act and react is one of the keys that separates good actors from bad actors. This principle can be applied to almost everything in life.

4. Love yourself- sometimes people notice that I love myself and call me vain. Truth is, if you don’t love yourself, who will? You can only give as much love to others and you can give to yourself.

5. Be vulnerable– The capacity to be vulnerable is probably the most important thing I’ve learned from acting. 

6. No one sees themselves as evil- Actors often judge their characters, but if you judge them through your lenses, then you’re missing the point. You haven’t gone deep enough.

7. Overcome resistance-  Whether it is for actors, writers, creative types, or just about anyone else, the thing holding us back from achieving what we want is an invisible force called Resistance.

8. No matter what you do, be brutally honest with yourself- This may be the most important point and here’s why if you cannot be brutally honest with yourself, the previous pointers will not work. This is what makes it difficult for us to just sit down, focus, and get stuff done. It is the reason why we procrastinate. It is the force that holds us back from achieving greatness

Many of our students have had some amazing success stories with self development! Acting and success is all about lifting others!

if you’re feeling inspired to start your self-development acting course, click below!