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Putting yourself out there


Taking chances and getting yourself to be in the right place at the right time is exactly what acting and the industry is all about. You need to make sure you are taking chances and allowing yourself to be the best that you can be! 

Taking changes in your career means that when you show up to auditions, you make an impression. You walk into that room and you show the casting director the absolute best side of yourself. You need to walk into that room and make yourself as memorable as possible, you have to make sure you are playing anything and everything you can to your advantage.

 You need to know what you should be promoting about yourself so that you seem the most intriguing and interesting out of every other actor out there. Why do they need to hire YOU for this job? 

Being professional means being ready for anything and everything that has to do with you and your own career. If someone needs an actor who knows how to ride horses, and this is something that you have done before, then you owe it to yourself to get up there, raise your hand, and volunteer yourself for the job.

No matter what, being there and volunteering yourself is better than not because even if it doesn’t workout, even if it turns into a total disaster, it will be a great story for you to tell at your next job! So make yourself the best actor for the job and you will start booking! Put yourself out there, take a chance on yourself, and you will find more success in your career!


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