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Perth Film School’s Mahesh Jadu on his Character “Ahmad” on Netflix’s Marco Polo

Perth’s very own Mahesh Jadu has just completed shooting on the latest installation of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales due for release in 2017.

Perth Film School is very proud to have him as our guest teacher in between his very busy schedule.

Mahesh started off as a composer for an Australian show, “Byte Me”. He auditioned for a small role in an Indian film, Sorry Bhai! and was subsequently cast. He was later cast in one of Australia’s longest running soaps, Neighbours as Doug Harris. He played poker to cover rent and living expenses until he was called for an audition by the casting director, Lou Mitchell.

In 2011, he was cast in an Australian drama, Taj which was presented at the 16th Busan International Film Festival.

He then worked on “The Three Ages of Sasha”. He got his big break when he was cast in Roland Joffé’s periodic drama, Singularity, which was later renamed to The Lovers. The film got delayed for 2 years. He then auditioned multiple times for I, Frankenstein in which he plays the Gargoyle “Ophir”.

He was later cast in Netflix’s, Marco Polo as Ahmad.

Watch the interview on his Character “Ahmad” in Netflix’s Marco Polo here now: