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Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese has made his mark on filmmaking with a career that stretches across 50 years and multiple genres.

Beginning with the short films he made while attending NYU and branching quickly into impactful, gritty films like the 1973 breakout hit “mean streets”, Martin Scorsese soon gained a reputation as a caring, careful and passionate director with a talent for making raw, character-driven films that examine guilt, violence, Italian-American identity, and corruption. He currently the has the most Oscar nominations of any living director, with eight to his name. I mean, WOW!

So if you are inspired to be like the next Scorsese, read his advice for aspiring filmmakers below:

1. “You gotta be serious about making a picture.”
2. Think about how you see scenes, and use perspective and cuts to translate that vision.
3. Consider your opening credits sequence.
4. Even if you have an idea for shooting a scene, be open to changes.
5. Visual literacy is important.
6. “Make your own industry.”
7. Sometimes all you need is a static camera.
8. Hold on to authenticity.


Perth Film School’s FILMMAKING course starts on October the 30th, running for 8 weeks, from 6 till 8pm.

With a fantastic studio, equipment, coach and classmates you’re bound to have a great time and learn the absolute maximum!

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