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Perth Film School student is featured in Sunday Times Magazine!

If you follow us on Instagram you may of seen one of our most recent posts of a student of ours- Jaimee Peasley- who got a role in a feature film in Australia called “Pulse“.

Pulse is an independent feature film, about a gay disabled teenage boy whom changes into the body of a beautiful woman, so that he can be loved.

Another previous student who has passed through the film school is also in the movie, how exciting!

Pulse and Jaimee were featured in the Sunday Times in the STM magazine last week!

Congratulations Jaimee! 👏

( Check out the trailer for this awesome film! – )

We are so incredibly proud of our students!! 🌟

Here at Perth Film School we take pride and care in helping our students achieve and feel like they make their dreams come true.

Jaimee is one of our many students who has worked hard and been able to book roles, along side the Langfords sisters, Isabella Jacqueline and more! 😍

The Film School was opened in 2012, in the Western side of Australia, Perth. And has since helped many talented actors, actresses directors, writers and many more book roles and get them on track to start their career in the film industry!



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