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New year, new goals, start acting today!

It’s the second day of 2020, meaning we still have a whole 353 days left, to try new things and accomplish things you haven’t yet in life. How long have you been putting off your acting? This decade is your time to start! 

Starting on the 15th of January Perth Film School is offering our popular Hollywood Package Level 1 is back! Weekly for 3 hours, you will intensively learn acting, management behind the camera, audition techniques and more activities that you would approach on a professional film set!

Once completed your 3 weeks of Level 1, level 2 follows on, for more information please contact us at or call on +1300 588 798

Here’s a 5 step plan to start your acting career! 

1. Figure Things Out First- Every ambitious actor who recently got bitten by the acting bug wants to know how start acting in the new year, more over, how to do it efficiently. Nobody’s interested in years of useless meandering around, trying to score auditions and not even understanding whether they have progressed or not.  And when it comes to this, there are three kinds of people:

  1. Those who leave it at that, just a dream, and move on (DON’T BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!)
  2. Those who blindly chase the fantasy of becoming rich and famous without any knowledge on how to do it;
  3. And those who set realistic goals and educated themselves on how to achieve them, one step at a time.

2. Make an acting plan-  A working actor is someone who goes out on auditions and gets to a film set or on stage on a regular basis. It’s someone who can put bread on the table solely from acting jobs. This should be every actor’s goal. Not becoming a film star, but paying bills with your acting gigs.

3. Start with training-  You don’t have control over who hires you as an actor for their project. You don’t have control over what auditions you can get, what gigs you can book and what people you can work with. But what you do have control over is your training. 

4. Gain experience- Acting experience is going to be the first roadblock for many actors. It’s catch-22: real acting jobs require experience, but how do you gain experience without getting those acting jobs? We’ve all been there. The good news is that this state of mind is just temporary. It’s tough, but you’ll make it through. I promise.

5. Continue Progressing- Once you’ve gone through some acting classes and booked a few acting jobs, had some experience on a film set of a stage, and you’re positive that you won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t give acting dream a shot, it’s time to move further. Full time 4 year drama schools or short/long term acting workshops.

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